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Game Changer.

Amy and I  have been designing & manufacturing clothing for over 14 years working with Game Changer's throughout New Zealand and Australia.


We are a  Samoan/Maori NZ Owned and Operated Enterprise.


We have worked alongside some of the coolest brands, Schools & Clubs such as Spotswood College, Touch Taranaki, F45, Clifton Rugby, Southern Tribes, Woolworths, Fonterra, NZ Police and many many more.


Based in New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand, Game Changer was founded by a combination of two personal driving passions.


1, Being able to support personal growth and development in our community and provide opportunities in the sporting arena at the grassroots level.


2, Design and manufacturing performance-based clothing.


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Game Changer's purpose is to reduce financial barriers for those wanting to participate in sport and to help increase sporting opportunities for our little people throughout New Zealand. This is across all age groups levels and most importantly includes all levels of sports.


So how do we reduce financial barriers? We do this by designing and manufacturing high-quality custom-designed sports/team wear and like any other business, we generate an income. AWESOME right?


The really exciting and most important part is that Game Changer share's its profits with the sporting community throughout New Zealand. 


This is the driving force behind Game Changer and with your investment into the Game Changer brand, you can now say that your sports association, team, club, and business is having a social impact!



Be a Game Changer and get in touch with us today!

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